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PeopleForBikes, our Electric Bicycle Subcommittee and our Sustainability Working Group task force are teaming up with Call2Recycle, the nation’s largest, most reliable battery recycling program experts, to launch the first industry-wide e-bike battery recycling program in the United States. 

The goal of this initiative is to provide a safe and reliable way to keep electric bicycle batteries — a valuable resource — out of landfills.

Bicycle retailers can enroll as collection sites and begin accepting batteries from riders, starting February 2022.
Are you a retailer who would like to learn more about this program?
Please join us for an upcoming webinar with the National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) on December 1, 2021.
Connecting Riders to E-Bike Battery Recycling:  A conversation with Call2Recycle and PeopleForBikes

Bicycle retailers can enroll as collection sites for the E-Bike Battery Recycling program and begin accepting batteries from riders starting in 2022. Learn about how this program can help your business thrive.


I’m a retailer and am interested in becoming a collection site. What should I do next?

For additional information on becoming an e-bike battery collection site, please join us for an informational webinar with NBDA on December 1.  Then, beginning February 2022, you can enroll with Call2Recycle to become an e-bike battery collection site.

What do I get as a retailer collection site?

— Your location is added to the map of available collection points
— Recycling stickers and hangtags to provide battery recycling information to your customers
— In-store safety materials
— Safety training and materials to properly handle end-of-life and damaged-defective batteries.
— USDOT-compliant recycling kits (with prepaid shipping)


When can I recycle my battery? 

Recycling will be available as bicycle retailers begin enrolling in the program, starting February 2022.  We anticipate widespread recycling options for riders will be available in fall 2022. The phased launch of this program involves garnering full industry support for the necessary funds and bringing on a network of retailers as collection sites, then allowing riders to take their batteries in for recycling.

What are best practices for safely using and storing electric bicycle batteries?

— Always make sure you are not charging your battery unattended or overnight.
— Follow the e-bike manufacturers instructions provided in the owner manual.
— Want to learn more about our Electric Bicycle Battery Recycling Program? Complete this form and we will provide more information as it’s available.


Why did PeopleForBikes launch this initiative with Call2Recycle?

130 million electric bicycles are expected to be sold globally between 2020 and 2023, and the batteries powering those bikes will need to be safely and responsibly collected and managed at their end of life. With no current, established way to get those batteries to a recycler, this program was developed to keep batteries out of landfills and works to ensure that batteries are safely handled and returned to the recycling stream. The majority of the cost involved with recycling batteries comes from freight and DOT-exempt safety shipping boxes. Pooling industry funds and working with collection sites allows the program to minimize those costs.

Why is PeopleForBikes endorsing Call2Recycle for this program?

With over 25 years of experience collecting and recycling more than 140 million pounds of batteries in the U.S., Call2Recycle is a leading not-for-profit battery logistics and recycling program operating with a commitment to safety and environmental excellence.  They successfully launched a similar program in Canada and our bike industry task force working on this initiative saw Call2Recycle as the best solution.

How can I join the industry program?

If you are the e-bike brand owner or importer of record, please contact Call2Recycle's E-Bike Program Team at ebikeprogram@call2recycle.org.

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